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Individual Software Inc. Typing Instructor For Kid Plat 5 Mac Esd--DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Get to the head of the class with this award-winning typing program, preferred by teachers and parents. Typing Instructor for Kids has just the right blend of features to provide an educational, entertaining, and motivating experience for young typists. Creative Typer Island theme, fast moving, arcade-style games, and educational learning plans keep you engaged as you earn rewards, play challenging games, and increase your typing skills. Learn to type in English or Spanish. Island Adventure Motivates Kids to Improve Typing Skills Typing Instructor for Kids offers rewards every step of the way! Visit distinct lands for lessons, challenges, tests, and games. Search for treasures, earn points, and add gold and jewels to your treasure box on a journey to reach the Castle and become the Ruler of Typer Island. Once you reach the Castle you will be a touch typist and can print a certificate of accomplishment! More Adventures in the Castle andthe Lost City Once you get to the Castle, you can play new games available only in the Castle, Tomb Typer and Xtreme Typing. Make your way to the mysterious Lost City and discover Treasure Quest, a unique narrative typing game, and Ziggy, a fun typing challenge. Ergonomics andCustom Typing Plans Help Kids Learn to Type Step-by-Step Typing Instruction is provided, including proper posture, finger position, and ergonomic features. Visual guides show finger and key placement. Choose from one of eleven educational typing plans with seamless progression tailored for both keyboard and numeric keys and symbols. 10 Complete Typing Plans Learning the Home Row Home Row and Upper Row Home Row and Lower Row Ages 7-8 Ages 9-10 Games Plan Skill Building Plan Suggested Typing Plan (no games) Suggested Typing Plan Numeric Key Pad Creative Ways to Practice Typing Explore five exciting lands on Typer Island on your adventure to reach the Castle. Take a break from your typing plan at any time and visit the Practice Area where you can play challenging multi-level games in the arcade on Explorer Isle, practice lessons and tests, or practice typing classic literature or fairy tales in Story Lagoon. 160 Professional Lessons andTests Improve your typing speed and accuracy quickly with quality lessons and tests. Repetitive key stroking helps you build correct finger-to-key memory. All lessons and tests are in English and Spanish. Results are provided for adjusted words per minute, based on both typing accuracy and speed. Structured Touch-Typing Content Proven Methods for Skill-Building Unique Drills andInteractive Exercises Age-Appropriate Content Graphic Guide Hands Standard andSplit Keyboards Multi-Skill Levels 30+ Typing Challenges to improve overall typing performance. Comprehensive Evaluation Timed Challenges Advanced Level Challenges Multi-Level Game Challenges Charts on Instant Feedback for all Typing Activities Instant Feedback is provided on typing results so you can see how you did on a lesson, challenge, test, or game right away. Detailed results show the keys you know well and the keys that need more practice. Results are given for: Words per minute (WPM) Scores andAccuracy Percentages Results Calculated from All Activities Performance Assessment for Key, Finger, Hand andRow Printable Results Results Tracked for Five Typists Certificates of Achievement You can print a certificate of achievement when you reach the Castle to show you have successfully conquered Typer Island and are a Touch Typist. Multi-Play Games Set a New Standard in Entertainment! Entertaining and challenging typing games offer multiple ways to play games for typists of all levels. Choose the length of time, words-per-minute, and level of difficulty. Typing Instructor Platinum for Kids has over 30+ game challenges that teach specific typing skills, such as speed, accuracy, rhythm, dexterity, and retention. 30+ Game Challenges Type the words on each pillar of the pyramid to change it to a new color before the enemies ruin your plans in Ziggy. Use your retention and typing skills to find gold and jewels in Treasures of the Sunken City. Beware of giant sea creatures in Typing with Sharks and learn to type quickly and accurately to keep your submarine intact. Improve your key stroking by zapping space debris in Flotsam Fighter. Advance to the next level or fly through the skies in Diamond Glider's rhythm typing adventure. All of Typing Instructor games have multiple levels of play to keep typing challenges fun and motivating.
  • General
    Language: English
    Publisher / Software Vendor: INDIVIDUAL SOFTWARE INC
    Platform: Macintosh
    System Requirements: Minimum: OS: 10.4 and higher Storage: 480 MB available space Sound Card: 16 Bit Sound Card Recommended: OS: 10.4 and higher Storage: 480 MB available space Sound Card: 16 Bit Sound Card
    Energy Star Compliant:
  • UNSPSC Code
    UNSPSC Code: 43232100

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